Like Father like son: My Father’s Scandinavian Bike Tour

With years of planning and saving for this trip I have had some time to also convince others to get hooked on the idea of joining me!  My dad is one of those people.  Much of my wanderlust has come from him in many ways.  I was always reserved and cautiously contemplative about many choices in life and he has always been someone to push me to follow my passions, live with no regrets and march to my own tune.  After him listening to me talk about and plan out my own trip over the last several years I have watched him get more and more into the same idea for the same reasons.

33902489_10213550147660284_7431012867756785664_nWhy not travel by bicycle?! With how affordable it is and how slowly you get to fully experience a country! It is not a vacation more of a way to slow down yourself, the way you think and how quickly you experience the world around you.  You have such an intimate interaction with the environment and people.  You are very much at the mercy of the weather and the local people but you quickly learn, most anywhere you go in the world, 99 percent of people are good, welcoming, fantastic human beings.


It didn’t take long for him to begin getting gear and making his own plans to begin the trip, even before me, to begin a new chapter.  After having quit his work he immediately began looking at plane tickets and calling me often to ask for advice on gear and planning, and before the winter had fully begun he made plans to start two and a half months before me. With his plane ticket to the western end of the Lofoten Islands, in Norway, he began his trip in early May 2018.

For the last month he has faired against rain, snow, wind and all manner of bad Norwegian weather to make it north.  From what I have heard it has been an amazing place to bike tour.  There are laws in each of the Scandinavian countries allowing camping on non private land (in most places) making it very easy to bike into a town, grab food at a grocery store, wifi at a library then into the woods outside of town to spend the night for free.  Pricing, especially in Norway, has been exorbitant so the free camping has helped allot with the budgeting.

After several weeks of biking and ferry hopping from island to island in Norway he made his way to Nordkapp, one of the northern most points in Europe with rough weather motivating him to not linger.  For now he is heading south attempting to get to warmer climates and better weather by heading into the heart of Finland and south.  It has been fantastic for me to follow in the highs and the lows, waiting for my chance to meet up and begin my own journey from the north to the south.  He will be continuing south and at some point meeting up with me in the UK on July 29th, after he either ferries or flies to Great Britain!

If you are interested in following his progress geographically I have created a link to a live map updating with his location based off of a SPOT device he has!  Just click on the globe on the right side of the website for the current location!



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