About me

My name is Daniel. I have always been hooked on the idea of traveling ever since I was in my early teens and I began exploring my dads collection of National Geographic magazines. While I was reading the stories and in particular looking at the photos, I got hooked on the idea of traveling to the places in the pictures and seeing parts of the world that are rarely visited by many people. I want to travel for the culture, for exploring new environments and meeting people of various walks of life and backgrounds.

In a way when I was younger, I pined for a time when there were still unknowns in the world, and not a time when you could do a quick wikipedia search and learn the basics of any topics and regions on the planet. It inspired me to go to school for cultural anthropology and take up photography as an avid hobby. My only real challenge was how to afford to travel and to do it in a way where I could best experience the actual feel of a country as opposed to the highlights on a set route of bus stops or airports hopping from one major city to the next. Then I stumbled across the notion of bike touring and it all seemed to click

The goal of this site is for me to communicate my trips to those that are back home, but also to be able to journal and post my photos for my own sake. There are a million other travel blogs out there but I enjoy writing and I enjoy photography, neither of which I profess to be particularly amazing at, but i’m going to do the best I can, and years from now I can look back at this as a great way to remember!